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History of AfriPRO

Since inception in December 2002, with our fist event in Newark, NJ in April 2003, as the Nigeria Professional Network (NiPRO), one of our core missions then as it is now was to make accessible the vast talent pool of Young Nigeria Professionals in the Diaspora to Nigeria. However, since then the scope of our mission has broaden and has grown to include not just Nigerians, but all Africans in the Diaspora, people of African dissent and friends of African. As a 501(c)(6) organization, with chapters across the United States and chapters in Nigeria, United Kingdom and Canada; we are determine to promote & seek the interest of our members and most of all, get Africans in the Diaspora actively involve in the advancement of Africa through our various programs and initiatives.

About AfriPRO

The African professional network, AfriPRO, is a worldwide network of motivated and dedicated young African professionals at home and in the diaspora, working together to build a prosperous, united and stronger Africa for now and the future.

Our Vision

The vision of the African professional network is to build a new African powerhouse whose people are prosperous, wealthy, united and self-assured.

Our Mission

AfriPRO is an organisation that serves to motivate its network of young African professionals and people of African descent to build a new Africa. We are also dedicated to the advancement of Africans worldwide.


  • Address the economic, financial, political, professional, social and cultural issues that affect young African professionals today.
  • Build a network of young African professionals worldwide.
  • Create an avenue to highlight and showcase the vast talents and contributions of Africans worldwide.
  • Foster a Traveler's Philanthropy in Africa, an initiative that enables professionals lend their expertise while visiting Africa.
  • Initiate community development efforts where African professionals in the Diaspora embark on various missions to lend their professional expertise and help develop communities in Africa.
  • Motivate young Africans to join the mission of rebuilding Africa with their expertise and resources.
  • Organize seminars, symposia and workshops to enhance the professional, economic and social development of Africans.


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